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Companion Match

We want to help you find a pet companion! Companion Match is Our Pal’s Place process of helping you find a pet that is a good match for your home, lifestyle and family. Our goal is to help you adopt and save the life of a homeless pet.


While in our Pet Adoption Facility, our residents receive good manner training to keep them mentally and physically active while preparing them for adoption. Training support is offered to adopting families.

Adoption Support

As part of our adoption contract, Our Pal's Place offers Adoption Support Services. Recognizing some pet companions transition into homes easier than others, we are here to provide any support you and your pet companion need post adoption.


Learning Center

Our Pal’s Place offers learning programs tailored to youth and adults. We believe through learning, people become empowered to make a difference in the lives of animals.

Intern/Camp Counselor

Our Pal's Place offers an internship program for 10th - 12th grade high school and college students. Interns have the opportunity to serve as Camp Counselors during Camp O.P.P.

Camp O.P.P.

Our Pal's Place offers fun-filled, week long camp programs June-July where kids participate in activities that teach kindness and compassion to the animals and have hands-on activities with the dog and cat residents in our Pet Adoption Facility. During camp, we partner with other rescue organizations for hands-on activities with horses, rabbits, birds and ferrets as well!

Animals In Need

Volunteer Opportunities

Join our team! Our Pal’s Place is a volunteer based organization. The more volunteers we have, the more homeless pets we can help!

Donate & Wish List

Being a volunteer-based organization means all donations go to the care of the dogs and cats in our Pet Adoption Facility.


Being aware of the problems that animals face is the first step towards implementing solutions.


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